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About our wines

The wines of Mount Veeder share the attributes of the vintners that grow them: a common deep expressive character, passion, and diversity.

The grapes’ distinctive profile is formed by the famous Mount Veeder terroir that gives each wine its natural structure and brings together the deep spice and rich fruit flavors that hold with age. Veeder red wines carry a deeply spiced, vividly floral, bramble berry, and minerality. White wines share a mineral edge that is softened by rich stone fruit lusciousness, often with a hint of citrus.

But it’s the varying mountain exposures and the individual craftsmanship of the winemakers that give each wine its own personality and style. Mount Veeder wines are a labor of love, comprising a mere one percent of the total production of Napa Valley.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Syrah predominate on Mount Veeder. However, there are at least 18 varieties grown on the mountain including uncommon plantings such as Carignane and Mataro. Click here to see recent reviews and awards.